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Conflict of Interest?

A conflict of interest? Your tax dollars at work?

With the help
of Mr. Marino, Mr. Galloway of the Plan Commission has set up a private
meeting where one of the "city paid" consultants will brief members of
Design Evanston on the Draft Downtown Plan. The private session is to
be held at the Civic Center tonight at 7pm. When addressing members of
Design Evanston, Mr. Galloway said:

Downtown Planning Message Board Available

A message board has been created to encourage comments from all Evanston residents about the downtown planning process and any thoughts on areas that should be addressed. Your comments are encouraged. Here is the link to the Downtown Planning Message Board. (Note: this is a privately created board and in no way affiliated with the City of Evanston)

Example of Improving the Development Process

For those of you able to stay awake until the end of the City Council meeting on Tuesday, there was an interesting comment during the call of the wards. In addressing development, Alderman Ann Rainey (8th) explained how a planned development at Dobson and Ridge is progressing. She went on to explain that when she learned of the pending development, the developer was asked to do a zoning analysis. She then scheduled a meeting between the developer and the neighbors. The neighbors had a chance to discuss concerns and the developer took their ideas into consideration. Later, she scheduled a second meeting between the developer and the neighborhood where the developer presented new plans based on neighborhood input. Many of the neighbors concerns were addressed in the revised plans.