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Share your favorite Evanston spot, participate in theatre event

I'm organizing a walking tour of site-specific theatre events, all to be written by Evanston playwrights, and YOU can help. Just tell me your favorite spot in Evanston. Is it somewhere on the beach? A beautiful park? A lovely nook or cranny somewhere in our gorgeous city? If we choose your spot for the walking tour, a new play will be written specifically to be performed there---wouldn't you like to participate in that? Please share. Thanks for your help!

What's your favorite spot in Evanston?

In your opinion, what is Evanston's most interesting or beautiful spot? You might choose it for historical, personal or aesthetic reasons.

 Why do I ask? Because I'm organizing a theatrical walking tour. When you have all voted on your favorite spots, I will ask local playwrights to write short plays to be performed in those spots. During the walk tour, we'll start at the first place and see the first play, walk together to the next place for the next play, and so on. It's a great opportunity to see our beautiful city in a fresh way.