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Brummel Park and Clyde/Brummel Park Halloween Walk

Halloween - Southeast Evanston

Once again, neighbors near Brummel Park and Clyde-Brummel Park will be hosting our annual Neighborhood Watch Halloween Patrol along with our Chicago neighbors in Rogers Park's Network 2424. Neighbors on patrol will be handing out candy (generously donated by M&M Mars) through Trick-or-Treat hours, and will continue on radio patrol throughout the evening so that everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

District 65: Quantity vs Quality

I am well aware of the difficult budget climate in District 65, and I applaud our school board for serving the community at such a challenging time. There are only two answers to a budget crisis: take in more money, or spend less money. At some point, if the citizens of Evanston aren't able or willing to financially support the current school system, we need to make cuts in the services offered.

Views: Free speech and campaign signs

I can't tell you all how distressed I am to hear a report that legally-placed political yard signs are being removed from people's property without their permission.

While I hope that this is small children who don't know any better, I would also hope that an effort is being made to educate children on how important this right is to our community.

The telephone is ringing

No good deed goes unpunished: as layman who actively participates in government, my home phone number (and occasionally my cell phone) is apparently on the radar of nearly every local campaign.  I had no less than five political calls yesterday - most in the space of two hours - three of them robo-calls, and two from call centers whose caller ID showed the name of the candidate they r

Brummel Park Neighbors

The Brummel Park Neighbors Steering Committee will meet at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Jan.26, at the Howard Street Police Outpost.

Join active neighbors in the Brummel Park area and help make Brummel Park a better, safer place to live.  Brummel Park is the area bounded by Howard, Custer, Ridge and the Skokie Swift tracks.  We will be planning for summer events at this meeting.