A kiss of death for affordable housing

Earlier this month, with virtually no resident input, no publicity, our City Council betrayed affordable housing in Evanston with a kiss.

They held out the sweet hope that there would shortly be up to a million dollar pot from which affordable housing developers could draw in order to build affordable housing in our community.

Support an urban farm in Evanston

The Evanston Food Policy Council is leading the drive to increase the availability of locally grown, healthy and delicious organic food to enrich all of Evanston’s residents.

Local urban farms offer enormous benefits to the local economy, the environment, and the health of our citizens. And it’s easier than you think for us to start our own farm—all we need is a couple of acres of healthy land, and the support of the community, and we can begin producing our own food (10 to 20 tons annually).

August issue of Fifth Ward Newsletter

The August issue of the Fifth Ward newsletter discusses establishing committees to focus on community development, beautification and housing issues in the ward. And it includes a reminder about the upcoming Ethnic Heritage Ensemble concert at Twiggs Park.

Viaduct caissons installed this weekend

Caisson installation for the replacement of the CTA viaduct on Church Street is scheduled for 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday this weekend and next.

Single lane closures on Church Street will occur during these days but pedestrian traffic on Church Street will be maintained on one side of the street.

Due to the deteriorated condition of the viaduct, CTA Purple Line trains must reduce speed when crossing. Replacing the bridge will eliminate slow zones and improve travel time for Purple Line customers.

West Nile activity increases

The city received confirmation Tuesday from the Illinois Department of Public Health that a crow found in Evanston had tested positive for West Nile Virus.

In addition, a higher than expected number of mosquitoes testing positive for West Nile Virus means that there is an increased risk for contracting the disease.

Residents can reduce the risk of mosquito bites by:

State-mandated nostalgia

It's wonderful that the Woman's Christian Temperance Union has chosen to preserve an Evanston streetscape from the Victorian area.

And I hope the Woman's Club of Evanston wins the National Register status it wants for its nearly century-old clubhouse.

A voluntary choice by property owners to seek landmark designation for their properties is a fine thing.

They trade development rights for some public help with the costly process of maintaining an aging building, and in turn they provide the community with a visual reminder of its past.

Invite Your Pregnant Friend to . . .

the World Breastfeeding Week event at Wild Oats Market in Evanston. You know that your friend is thrilled and excited about her new baby. But she also might be somewhat worried. What is labor really like? Will she have the birth she has planned for, or will she have to adapt to unexpected circumstances and unlooked for consequences?

Baby Deer Hit by Car in North Evanston

Baby Deer hit by car in the 2600 block of Sheridan Road

This morning on my way to work I notice a mother deer and two baby Deers on Euclid Park Place,in North East Evanston.

Tonight one baby is dead next to the side of the road on Sheridan. The City Animal control arrived at 5:30 pm and may have now removed the baby.