Accessories that help the animals

Students at Roycemore School sold their own handmade bracelets, anklets and key chains to raise $120 for Evanston’s Animal Shelter.  

Roycemore students

Onie Adeneke, Karli Goldenberg, Nicole Connors, Autumn Stewart, Oona Jung-Beeman, Hailey Ledin and Kayla Goldenberg were among the Roycemore students who participated in the fundraiser. They showed off their work Friday to Evanston animal wardens David Rose and Linda Techler and Police Sgt. Tom Guenther.

The students’ contribution will go toward the new Cruelty Medical Fund which pays veterinarian bills for abused animals. For information on contributing to the new fund, contact the city’s animal wardens at (847) 866-5080.

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