Evanston School District 65 Board President Sunith Kartha has filed a petition seeking to have the only non-incumbent running in April’s election kicked off the ballot.

Kartha in a petition to be heard by a County Electoral Board hearing officer Thursday says candidate Nicholas Korzeniowski failed to consecutively number his petition sheets and that he did not have them properly signed and notarized.

While Kartha is not up for election in 2019, the three incumbents who are — Sergio Hernandez, Rebeca Mendoza and Anya Tanyavutti — all voted to select Kartha as board president.

Nick Korzeniowski, with a young supporter, during early voting in 2017.

Korzeniowski declined to comment on the challenge to his candidacy.

The hearing on the challenge is scheduled for 2 p.m. Thursday at the downtown Chicago office of the Cook County Clerk.

Korzeniowski lost his first bid to win election to the board in 2017.

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Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Chicago Politics heads North to Evanston

    WOW! Nothing like Chicago politics. Didn’t know Evanston operated that way, but without a Wall on Howard Street, how can we keep it out?

    Check the results from the 2017 School Board elections. Kartha receied the lowest vote numbers of the 4 members to win seats. Then she was elected as Board President… with these 3 incumbents  voting for Kartha … looks like a lot of back scratching going on.

    1. Didn’t think we’d see a page
      Didn’t think we’d see a page from the Republican playbook right here in Evanston, but here it is. Candidate suppression is a form of voter suppression. Attempting to disqualify a candidate because pages weren’t numbered properly sounds just like a Koch brother maneuver.

      1. This is not that new in Evanston

        In the last Evanston mayoral race we saw a circus of ballot challenges based on trivial administrative details.

        You could quibble on whether or not “voter suppression” is the correct term, but having school board elections in odd years, when there is never a presidential or governor’s race, assures low voter turnout which gives vested interests greater influence.  If we were sincere about wanting maximum voter turnout we woiuld move the school board elections to even years.

      2. Republicans only?

        Only the Republicans?  As if Democrats aren’t known for the exact same nonsense?  Especially here in Illinois?  Gerrymandering, insider deals, cronyism, qualities very much embedded into the spiritual essense of the Illinois Democratic party.  Seriously.  This tactic is a page taken directly out of the Democratic Machines political playbook, proudly crafted and well honed by the Democratic party of Illinois, well recognized and known throughout the nation.  We don’t take nobody nobody sent.  Just sayin.   

        1. You widened the scope of my
          You widened the scope of my comments to include other forms of political shenanigans. The point I made is valid. Your rebuttal, although with some merit, moved the topic to other things. Just hoping you can see that you made that alteration, thereby offering no real reply to my point other than- “hey, Dems do silly stuff too.”

          The machine wants people to vote early & often (a separate & less contemporary problem at the polls), not to disqualify people by raising the barriers to becoming a legal voter or making polling stations difficult to access as the GOP has attempted as recently as November 2018, with mixed success.

          1. It’s just silly little stuff

            “hey, dems do silly stuff too”  You make it sound like Democratic machine politics work as the peoples advocate, just getting the vote out.  That’s pretty funny.  

            Attempting to suppress opposing candidates from getting on a ballot, actions taken to limit voter choice, it’s an old Democrat machine trick, definitely on par with voter suppression tactics.  People don’t need a free and open choice, we only need somebody that somebody sent,  just make your mark here.   Those silly little Dems, keep moving, nothing to see here.

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