Evanston police, while conducting a traffic stop on a vehicle yesterday evening in the 2400 block of Church Street, recovered a loaded .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun along with a face mask, body armor, and a small amount of cannabis.

The driver, Steven L. Hamann, 26, of 1416 W. Lunt Ave., Chicago, was taken into custody and charged with multiple weapons, traffic, and drug offenses.

He is due in Skokie Circuit Court on Aug. 8 at 9 a.m.

Charles Bartling

A resident of Evanston since 1975, Chuck Bartling holds a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and has extensive experience as a reporter and editor for daily newspapers, radio...

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  1. This guy needed recreation opportunities

    I bet if Evanston had more recreational opportunities for students like the Mayor wants this 26 year old from Chicago would never have committed gun-related crimes in Evanston.


    1. Recreational Programs=good behavior?

      Are you really serious? A recreational program will not save someone who has absolutely no sense of right vs wrong!  The daily crime reports can verify this….The youth who planted a bomb at the police outpost a few years ago, and this guy, were both involved in Evanston recreation activities, as well as quite a few others…..this is not just a boredom issue.  It goes much deeper than that.   Don't blame the mayor or any alleged "lack of programming" for this one!

    2. This guy didn’t like city’s offer for guns

      Or. maybe if the mayor and the city offered more money in their gun buy back program this dude woildn't have guns.

      1. on his way?

        Wonder where he was about to commit the crime….since the gun was loaded!   .

    3. haha

      It's sad how many on here don't realize your comment is sarcasm and a response to how Evanston thinks just adding more activities or jobs will deter crime.

  2. Fail

    I think that the City, the schools and other organizations are already providing a plethora of recreational options and other opportunities to "stay out of trouble" from preschool through high school and sometimes beyond. There is no chance that preteens, teens and early 20 somethings should lack of opportunities to keep busy and engaged. 

    Given that, it seems downright foolish to talk about adding more such opportunities as the answer to our crime problem. Look at the latest gun-related crimes — the alleged criminals are not teenagers or young 20 somethings. 

    Don't do away with what we have as it appears to be helping our middle school, high school and young college students. But Mayor and other City leaders, you need to better understand who is causing our crime problems and why. Then you will have the information that you need to discuss with the public what can be done to address the real problem. 

    Frankly, our City leaders look pretty foolish proposing to spend more money for a "solution" when they are looking at a group of people who aren't causing the problem.  Spend some time understanding the problem then collect information to address that problem. 


    1. You know whats going on

      Evanston has never had the programs needed to help these kids however there are some good ones. Most of the programs are not geard torward what these kids want or need but what people thing they should have. TALK to the kids find out what they would like to see changed to help brighten their futures. Last but not lease Stop those who make post about different area in our city and the people that live there who do not know what going on but love to judge. There is a storm coming and the only way we are going to make it and mean all of us is to stand together.

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