Budget impasse to halt Sheridan Road work

The plan for reconfiguring Sheridan Road with bike lanes.

Evanston's big construction project of the summer -- rebuilding Sheridan Road along the Northwestern University campus -- will just get started when it will grind to a halt because of the state's budget impasse.

City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz says the Illinois Departmet of Transportation has told municipalities and contractors across the state that all IDOT-funded projects have to be shut down by June 30, in the expectation that the agency won't have budget authority to pay for projects beyond that date.

Bobkiewicz says Plote Construction will move forward with starting the project this week, but only to do tree removal, temporary silt fencing, installation of "road construction ahead" signs, necessary relocations for temporary road widening and temporary traffic signals.

At that point work will have to stop until there's budget authority to continue.

A similar shutdown last summer delayed work on the Green Bay Road, Emerson Street and Ridge Avenue project for two to three weeks.

The state legislature has been called back into special session to try once again to come up with a budget before the start of the new fiscal year on July 1.




We know who to blame

Mike Madigan and all those who continue to vote him to lead the Democratic Party are 100 % to blame. He has ruined Illinois over the last 40 years of playing politics and using taxpayer dollars for his personal gains. What else can be said.

About blame

" what can be said", there's enough blame to go around with all of our representatives in Springfield!

How about licensing bicycles?

Cars pay road taxes through gas, license plates, state and city stickers etc. How about licensing bicycles...say $10 annually...there'll be plenty of money for bike lanes.

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