Video: 1st and 3rd Ward forum

Here's our live video coverage of a forum featuring candidates for alderman in Evanston's 1st and 3rd Wards.

The event was sponsored by the League of Women Voters and the Evanston Community Foundation and was held in the Council Chambers at the Evanston Civic Center.





3rd ward forums

I attended all the 3rd ward forums and while it would have been nice to have more debate, there is no doubt that Block was the one setting the agenda. His presence and ideas outshone the others. And Wynne saying she is out in the 3rd ward and can be seen regularly holding meetings at Brothers K is news to this ward resident. I asked other folks and regulars at Brothers K, and no, they have not seen her.  That was simply not true, or a falshood as the news media says these days. This whole forum process simply reinforced the argument for Block, the best candidate running. The 3rd ward (and in fact the whole city) would be well served by Block, and I hope 3rd ward folks get out and vote for him!

He lost me...

Sorry, but Block lost me in the first 30sec he was speaking. When asked about ward vs city priorities, he went into his parents moving to Northbrook/Evanston instead...

What about the Whole Foods closing?

Notice how Wynne at this forum bragged how she and other aldermen brought in Trader Joe's but failed to remind the audience that the City Council used $2 million of our tax dollars to do it.

And notice how Wynne made no mention that Whole Foods a half block south of Trader Joe's just closed I believe largely due to the competition of Trader Joe's and Jewell. In other words, Wynne and Mark Tendam, running for mayor, voted to use $2 million to land Trader Joe's, promising that three grocery stores next to each other can survive.

Anyone with common sense knew that three grocery stores next to each other on Chicago Ave. could not survive. Wynne, Tendam et al. wasted $2 million.

So now the closing of Whole Foods means less jobs and tax revenue. I wish someone would ask Wynne or Tendam their opinion of the Whole Foods closing and if the $2 million to get Trader Joe's was worth it.

Hope Wynne loses

I hope Wynne is not re-elected. Her efforts to block people from parking at/using South Street Beach were appalling.


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