Recap: City Council


Here’s a recap of our live coverage of tonight’s Evanston City Council meeting. Several updates to city parking regulations and a contract to buy new Tallmadge street light poles are among the items on tonight’s agenda.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m.

A packet with information on tonight’s agenda items is available online.

Meeting called to order at 9:17 p.m.

Mayor Steve Hagerty makes announcements.

Deputy City Manager Kimberly Richardson makes announcement about the police department citizen complaint intake process. 

Says will have intake location outside the Police Department

Now at Room 2700, administrative hearing office, in the Civic Center.

Minors can file a complaint, but need a signature from an adult.

Complaints will be investigated by the police office of professional standards.

City Clerk says will have an ethics discussion meeting a week from Wednesday at the Civic Center.

Public Comment

Mayor says 33 people signed up for public comment. So each person has 1:20 to speak.

Public Comment ends at 10:21 p.m.

Consent agenda

A17 … Street cleaning and snow removal signs … off consent at request of Fiske.

A21 … Lincoln Street Beach agreement with NU … off consent at request of Fiske.

A25 … Lincoln Street pilot parking program … off consent at request of Suffredin.

A29 … Liquor license for Welsh Ryan arena … off consent at request of Revelle.

P1 … 1714-1720 Chicago RFQ … rejected in committee

P3 … 2650 Sheridan curb cut … off consent request of Rainey.

O1 …  Remote public comment … off consent at request of Fleming

O2 … Signage in Council Chamber … off consent at request of Revelle.

Consent agenda, as amended, approved.

A17 … Street cleaning and snow removal signs

Fiske says need to install mid-block signs. Fine increase to $75 has hurt residents. People not aware that only have signs at start and end of blocks. Should make compliance as easy as possible.

Storlie says ordinance used to allow towing during street cleaning. LAst year changed policy to only ticket instead of towing … net result decreased cost to residents .

Braithwaite asks that new signs installations be based on aldermanic requests or 311 calls. Seems like undoing what did a couple of years ago, in effort to reduce sign pollution.

Wilson says there are over 20 parking-related signs in one block of the city. Don’t need more. Should do case-by case.

Fiske suggests sending it back to A&PW.

Storlie says if approve it would need to come back with contract to A&PW.

Braithwaite now moves to hold it in committee … Staff will come back with a more detailed plan.

A21 … Lincoln Street Beach agreement with NU

Wilson says not comfortable with the 10 year term. Proposes having it only run through Labor Day 2020.

Fiske asks when will get decision about who owns the beach and has control over it.

Masoncup says expects the state to issue an opinion on the matter “in the coming months.” May be state beach or owned by northwestern, she says.

Fiske says she understood that IDNR had said Evanston owns it.

She says should only have the deal extend through April of next year. Says staff didn’t keep aldermen informed about the language of the resolution.

Wants comparison of costs to the city and NU.

Wants to know how much are underwriting beach use by NU students, faculty and staff.

Says she’ll vote against the agreement.

Vote on Wilson’s amendment is 6-3 against. So his amendment to change it to a two-year agreement fails.

Revelle says she had nothing to do with drafting the agreement. Not happy with the deal. Says should make it way shorter — perhaps only this season.

Says city beaches are available to residents in the early morning and evening and during the non-beach season — except for swimming — should have same hours for this beach.

Says wants more notice about beach closing. Opposes many other aspects of MOU.

Fleming agrees with Revelle. Says concerned that may owe money to IDNR if sign this agreement.

Hagerty says the beach is accessible and usable by residents of Evanston who have a beach token now. If no MOU tonight, does this make the beach unusable, he asks?

Masoncup because the ownership is in dispute. NU believes it owns it. Says believes still could move forward with the informal arrangement that have now — but staff wanted to make some agreement.

Wilson says this is a perfectly amicable agreement that allows the community to allow the beach. No reason not to have it.

Fiske says the agreement is not fair to the citizens of Evanston. Says we have as much right to claim we own it. Says the terms of the MOU are wrong, shouldn’t be kowtowing to accept it.

Revelle suggests having staff come up with a much more limited memorandum by the next meeting.

Wilson goes through MOU terms — says doesn’t see a problem.

Masoncup suggests revision to specify that that the beach (not the water) is open same basis as other city beaches.

Council votes to hold the measure until the next meeting.

A25 … Lincoln Street pilot parking program

Suffredin says it will hurt residents of 6th Ward. Says should do comprehensive parking study.

Revelle says area gets very congested, especially in late afternoon. Says does sympathize with Suffredin’s concerns, commuters will just have to move a little further east.

Fleming says she doesn’t think the proposal is good.

Fiske says NU north parking garage has affected traffic patterns. Doesn’t think the pilot study will work.

Approved 5-4. Fiske, Fleming, Rainey and Suffredin vote no.

A29 … Liquor license for Welsh Ryan arena

Revelle says wants to table. Says premature. Don’t know what will happen to the zoning amendment that would expand the types of uses at the arena. That may not get to Council until September or October.

Fiske notes that rules require at 2/3 vote to overrule the liquor commissioner — who has recommended approval of the license.

Rainey notes that this is not issuing a license to NU, its just creating a license category.

Would require a separate ordinance to grant them the license.

Rainey says the 2/3 rule only applies to issuance of a license… not creation of a license category.

Motion to table is approved 6-3 with Fiske, Rue Simmonas and Wilson voting no.

P3 … 2650 Sheridan curb cut

Motion would be to adopt, though the staff recommendation is to deny.

Rainey says disappointed in the way it was presented by the staff. Will vote in favor of the applicants position.

O1 …  Remote public comment 

Fleming … for people with ADA issues …should be able to have written comments read.

Masoncup says could make that amendment.

Motion is to hold and return with that amendment.

O2 … Signage in Council Chamber

Motion is to hold, because of drafting issues.

Call of the wards

Rainey … ward meeting coming up on extension of TIF district and other issues.

Fleming … ward meeting on Wednesday July 17th at Levy Center.

Braithwaite …Thursday 6:45 p.m. at 1818 Dempster to discuss future of that location. Thursday 7:30 p.m. at Erie Health, 1285 Hartrey, for update on HOW project.

Wynne … July 25, 7p, ward meeting at Charavalle Montessori School

Rue Simmons … Wednesday, 7p, Civic Center…ward meeting.

Council votes to go into executive session

Public meetig ends at 11:42 p.m.

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