Evanston Police say they plan to increase patrols in the southeast end of the city after nearly a dozen residential burglaries were reported in the area over the past two weeks.

The reports include three burglaries in a building at 823 Dobson St. and another a block away at 960 Dobson. Other thefts were reported from buildings in the 800 block of Brummel St., the 600 block of Mulford St. the 100 block of Clyde Ave. and the 200 block of Custer Ave.

Bicycles, DVD players and jewelry were among the objects victims reported the thieves had taken.

The incidents reportedly happened at various times of the day and night and only one victim was able to provide police with a description of the burglars.

That person reported seeing two burglars — including a short, heavy-set woman — attempt to gain entry to a gated area at the building.

Most of the burglaries involved the use of a pry tool to force open a door to the victim’s apartment.

Police are asking residents to call the department immediately at 847-866-5000 to report suspicious persons or activities in the area.

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Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Neighborhood boundaries
    What is the official dividing line for “southeast” Evanston. The sites listed in the article are more in “south central” Evanston, in my opinion.

    To me, “southeast” Evanston is the area east of Chicago Avenue and the lakefront between Church and Howards Sts.

    1. You want boundaries?
      Hey Billyjoe,
      Far as I know there are no “official” boundaries for neighborhoods in Evanston. For wards, yes, but not neighborhoods.

      Given the Jonquil Terrace area cutout, one could argue that Evanston has no “southeast” section at all.

      In this case the geographic reference came from the police department. Perhaps you should take it up with the chief.

      — Bill

      1. Southeast?
        No “Southeast Evanston,” Bill?

        Tell that to the “Southeast Evanston Association.”

        No, they dont (presently) have a Web site.

        And the crime sites you mentioned: I know the area well and would expect there would be LOTS of theft activity there.

        However, I do thank you for providing a new source for Evanston news.

        1. Geography
          Of course … I know there’s a Southeast Evanston Association. But the fact that a group of individuals get together and give a name to an area doesn’t make it an “official” designation — which is what you said you were looking for.

          Thanks for the kind words though, and hope you’ll keep reading Evanston Now and sharing your thoughts.
          — Bill

  2. Cars also at risk – some more theft prevention tips
    Strategies for keeping your car safe – keep valuables/electronics out of your car, and small change out of sight. Have kill switches or anti-hotwire devices installed (this worked in two instances listed below.) Remove radio front panels when not in use. Have your car windows etched with the VIN number (makes it harder to resell or chop) Install a visible and audible car alarm.
    FYI: inexpensive anti-theft locks such as the Club or Masterlock have been shown to be effective and also offer a refund for your car insurance deductible if your car is stolen while locked – see the packaging for details.

    The following car thefts/burglaries were reported by the Evanston Police since October, also in beat 78:

    *718 Dobson between 10/08/07 at 1930 hrs and 10/10/07 at 1800 hrs. Unknown subject(s) took a dark green 1997 Honda Accord (IL 481 3374; VIN 1HGD5653VA038035). 07-33727
    *135 Clyde on 10/11/07 between 0030 hrs and 0400 hrs. Unknown subject(s) took a maroon 1998 Plymouth (WI UBK 507; VIN 1P3ES47COWD639651) from the rear of the residence. 07-33789
    *613 Brummel on 10/19/07 at 0451 hrs. An unknown subject (M, wearing a yellow shirt, baggy dark jeans) broke the front passenger side window of a 2004 Toyota and removed a cell phone/charger. 07-34726
    *714 Dobson between 10/23/07 at 1830 hrs and 10/24/07 at 0630 hrs. Unknown subject(s) attempted to take a 1992 Infiniti by using a pry tool on the ignition. 07-35338
    *430 Callan on 10/31/07 between 0230 hrs and 0815 hrs. Unknown subject(s) gained entry to a 1997 Geo and removed the CD player. 07-36155
    *209 Ridge, between 11/07/07 at 20:00 and 11/08/07 at 08:30 hrs. Unknown subject(s) removed victims White 1989 Honda Civic 4dr vehicle from 209 Ridge. 07-37123.
    *627 Brummel between 11/07/07 at 20:30 hrs and 11/08/07 at 06:45 hrs. Victim stated that unknown subject(s) partially removed the left rear taillight of victims 2002 Volkswagon 2dr. 07-37114.
    *112 Custer between 11/12/07 at 2345 hrs and 11/13/07 at 0900 hrs. Unknown subject(s) gained entry to an unsecured 1993 Toyota and removed a CD player. 07-37722
    *Theft-VE Att. 719 Case between 11/12/07 at 1730 hrs and 11/13/07 at 0700 hrs. Unknown subject(s) gained entry to an unsecured 1994 Ford and attempted to defeat the steering column. 07-37697

  3. Thieves & Burglars
    Are there any reports as to whether the people committing the crimes are from Evanston?

    1. Home base for crooks
      If you’re interested, you can find home addresses for all persons arrested in the city in the daily police bulletin.

      If you don’t want to go to that effort, I can tell you that the short answer is some are from Evanston and some aren’t.

      Armed with that information, what do you suggest we do about it?

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