City officials meet with residents Thursday evening at the Civic Center to start talking about how to trim the city’s spending for next year to match anticipated revenue. Ponzi’s thinking conditions may be worse than the officials imagine.

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  1. Wally’s Right-Wing Agenda

    I believe Wally is following the traditional right-wing agenda of making government services so bad as justification for eliminating them.  This explains why Wally has failed to fire the 3 grossly incompetent directors.  It makes clear why he pits employees against each other and undermines so many others. 

    He can claim success in achieving his agenda.  Evanston is far worse now than it was 2 years ago. 

    1. Wally’s left-wing agenda

      Wally B. has a right-wing agenda?

      That's a belly-busting knee-slapper.

      Let's see, Wally B. last year negotiated an agreement with the Evanston Fire Union to rehire three firefighters he had just laid off and allow a third party arbitrator to decide any future firefighter layoffs in return that the Evanston Fire Union drop it's lawsuit against the city. 

      In other words, Wally B. can not layoff any firefighters without third party permission. How can a city manager run a city when a third party gets a say whether a city can make labor cutbacks? That sure doesn't sound like a right-wing agenda. It's more like a left-wing agenda – pandering to government unions.

      Or did you just throw in right-wing agenda because you think it automatically demonizes a target? 

      The Recession began in 2007. It was only in 2010 that any city union employee was laid off. About 42 employees last year were laid off but in the same year Wally B. hired 20 more union employees to run the 311 Call Center that cost the city another $1 million. So far in this Recession, not one Evanston firefighter has been laid off. All city union employees still get annual pay raises.

      Meanwhile, the Evanston City Council last year raised city and gas taxes, electric and water and sewer rates.

      Hardly a right-wing agenda. But thanks for the laugh. 

  2. A cowardly attack

    So easy to make accusations as Anonymous. Three grossly incompetent directors. Who? Why? Pits employees against each other. Which employees? When? How?

    What's your problem?

  3. “All city union employees still get annual pay raises.”

    Might want to do just a tad bit of fact checking before you hit the "send" button …. The majority of union employees took a pay cut … Be it in actual pay or loss of benefits …. Sorry to confuse the issue with facts …

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