Evanston Alderman Ann Rainey, 8th Ward, offered her own take on local media this week on her own local medium — her message board.

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  1. In a word, no.

    "Ponzi cartoons aren't factual?" asks Ponzi.

    No, Ponzi, they're your opinion and often your characterization of the facts. If anything, they're Truthy.

  2. The Great Eighth Ward Message Board

    Do all/most alderpersons have websites to communicate with residents of their wards?  Just want to say as a long-term resident/homeowner of the 8th ward, I have found Ann Rainey's web site/message boards to be very helpful.  Helps in keeping up with information relevant to my neighborhood, improving communication about problems in particular neighborhoods (e.g., a bad landlord, tree trimming), etc.  In a densely populated area with many multi-family homes, it is valuable to have this means of communicating and connecting with other residents.  

     I value Ann Rainey's message boards and find it offensive that my neighbors who use the board are referred to as "minnows" in this Ponzi cartoon. (And it seems really inappropriate to use the actual first names in the cartoon of 8th ward residents who use the message board).

    And I usually like Evanstonnow.com, but the Ponzi cartoons are a low point, in my opinion.

    1. Non-Eighth Ward Fan of Ald. Rainey

      I heartily second the comments of "Anonymous Eighth Ward Resident" about the value of a message board system like Ald. Rainey's in facilitating dialogue with her constituents (and occasionally with respectful outsiders like me) about issues and information of importance.

      Moreover, Ald. Rainey has a long record of service, hard work, and conscientious dedication to her ward and the Evanston community at large.  Because of this, citizen Ann Rainey towers above small-minded egocentrics such as the creator of the remarkably irrelevant cartoon strip that consistently compromises the value of Evanston Now, an otherwise helpful and informative publication.

  3. Ponzi’s serving up more sour grapes

    Just sour grapes.  Ponzi has been banned from Ann Rainey's web board due to his frequent and baseless rants about nonsensical topics.  Sound familiar?  He was politely asked repeatedly to stop but his rants continued.  That's why he is serving up sour grapes here.

    Ponzi's use of the word "minnows" is certainly callous and unwarranted.  Those who contribute to Ann Rainey's web board appreciate the honest and factual exchange of information and hearty disagreements that take place there. 

    Better think about whether you are getting close to libeling private citizens, Ponzi, and take your rhetoric down a couple of notches.

  4. You can’t believe everything you read in the newspaper

    "People, people please stop using blogs and newspapers as factual sources"-

    Ann Rainey, April 11, 2012    cited by "Ponzi" on April 13, 2012


    " quoting newspaper articles you find on the internet – as fact shows us you do not understand – what is really going on here"

    Junad "Ponzi" Rizki in Evanston Now, July 19 2008


    "do you believe everything printed in the press? Over the years here the amount of misinformation – has been quite large."

    Junad "Ponzi" Rizki,  Evanston Now, June 22, 2008

  5. Even 9th warders

    Love Ann Rainey! Yes, that's right. I want to know what she has done to this non talented cartoonist to make him feel so inadequate that he has to pick on her.

  6. Another great cartoon

    Ponzi hit the nail on the head again.

    Everybody knows that Ann Rainey is the hardest working council member in town, including the mayor and Wally. She's not obsessed, like the mayor, with getting her picture taken. Wally's most important interest is keeping his overpaid job.

    Ann is loved by a large majority of her ward because she fights to improve her ward, no matter what it costs the city and whether we are spending the taxpayer money wisely.

    She is not thick skinned and doesn't take criticism well. So what. Most of us don't do well with criticism. I think Ponzi was mostly correct with the cartoon and had a little fun with it. I think that Ann will think about some of the things she said about the press and blogs, and quietly admit that she could have handled it with different words.

    Ann's not my council woman and I only agree with her about 50% of the time but I am thankful that she is not one of the council zealots but one of a few moderates.

    1. No matter what it costs…

      "Ann is loved by a large majority of her ward because she fights to improve her ward, no matter what it costs the city and whether we are spending the taxpayer money wisely."

      And she costs the city dearly. I appreciate advocacy but the expense to the city, continues to grow and is in the millions, I suspect. The city SHOULD NOT be in the development business (theater, wine bar) as it has never shown itself to be terribly good at it. Cities are good at spending, not development.

      The other Alderpeople should have the spines to put such "investments" to a reasonable test. How much, for example, will it really cost to fix the wine bar? Where will that money come from? Could it be used better elsewhere?

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