Cartoon: George and Wally


George Washington supposedly said "I cannot tell a lie." And on this President's Day, Ponzi's wondering what our Founding Father would have thought of the City of Evanston's selective recall about the budget in its just-issued city newsletter.

While the lack of an increase in the operating levy may be the highlight City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz would like voters to focus on, the overall city property tax levy rose 4.62 percent this year — because of increases in pension and debt service costs.

You could look it up on page 59 of the city budget book. 

And total city spending has risen from $202 million in the last 12-month budget two years ago to $250 million this year. That averages out to a 12 percent per year increase over the past two years. 

Funny how those facts didn't get mentioned in "Highlights."

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