So we’re just over two weeks away from the launch of Evanston’s new 311 call center for city services.

And Ponzi is fretting about the times listed by city staff for responding to various complaints — like one day to fix an open manhole cover.

But as usual with Ponzi, there’s more on his mind.

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  1. What is the response time?

    Watching the Special Presentation at the last council meeting on 311 – it was putting everyone one asleep.  Going through list of items – and the time it would take.  Of course no one understood what  was the meaning of the response time ?  Was it the time to log in the complain at 311 and transfer it to the department?  The time to get back to the resident who filed it?  Or the time to get the complaint resolved?

    Very unclear? 

    On the Manhole issue a missing manhole is quite dangerous, it needs to be addressed since someone could get very hurt by it.  A car going 25 mph hitting the opening could cause major injury to the occupant, also the risk of someone falling into the manhole.  Given the city is claiming a one day response is this reasonable?  I think the response has to be immediate, of course interestingly  all responses take a day or more. 

    The other issue if people are complaining against others – those issues are not resolved in a few days since in many cases they must be resolved in court or other means – and the complaint may not even be real.

    Will staff screw up on items, to claim a quick resolution?  I think that is very likely – so they will want to make 311 look good to justified the large expense.

    The city was working prior to 311, it is not likely it is going to work any differently after 311 starts!

    What is the purpose of this system to track – the staff? Make service better – I doubt that.  Or just to spend $600,000 and hire more staff?


  2. Figures

    Figures that an anti-tax crank like Ponzi (Junad Rizki) would scream the loudest when it comes to getting prompt service regarding his complaints to The City of Evanston.

    1. Pro-tax cartoonist wanted?

      Billyjoey and Alibi – we need some Pro-tax cartoons on Evanston now – I am sure Bill would be happy to post your work!   Now that would be funny!   Ponzi

      1. pro tax cartoon?

        Ponzi says;

                       "- we need some Pro-tax cartoons on Evanston now "

        Enquire and you shall receive, my pink friend!  

        Here is a good example of a cartoon that properly pokes fun at the Ponzis and Anonymous Als of the world:

        OK, so the cartoonist doesn't explicitly say that more taxes are in order…but the cartoon adequately demonstrates the basic silliness of the anti-tax or 'budget hawks', who seem to think that they can have lower taxes without any sacrifice. ( Or who think that the sacrifices should all be made by other people.)

         While this cartoon is at the federal level, it could easily apply to Evanston politics.  (Instead of 'Medicare', insert 'fire protection', etc. )

        Notice the simplicity of the cartoon.  It is not littered with labels, unnecessary animal characters who add nothing to the plot, or distracting references to other topics that aren't central to the point of the cartoon.  The artist does not need to literally spell out his message, in a condescending and didactic tone  – and rant about the tactics of his enemies, real or imagined.    The message of the cartoon is clear – it is not necessary for the author to write seven paragraphs of commentary on his own cartoon.

  3. Nothing like a text-heavy

    Nothing like a text-heavy cartoon that needs to be appended with 5-paragraph footnote from the author in order to be understood. 

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