Ponzi, being a pig and all, is really concerned about animal rights. And so he’s concerned about the proposal from Evanston Alderman Coleen Burrus to impose new restrictions on allegedly dangerous dogs.

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  1. Dangerous Dogs

    The City Council would do well to focus their attention on dangerous drivers, dangerous people, and the dangerously high cost of living in Evanston.   Worry about owners who can't control their dogs.  Anyone who knows anything about dogs knows that it's not a dog who's dangerous, it's the owner.   Or, it's ignorant people who do not know how to approach a dog, who do not ask a person who is walking a dog if they can pet the dog, who allow their kids to run around right near a dog.

    I have a one year old dog who likes to chase.  I am training him not to chase, but it sure would be helpful if parents would tell their kids NOT to start running away or around a dog.  Most dogs will chase something that is running.  That's how you catch a dog who gets loose–the owner should run FROM the dog, not AT the dog, so the dog will chase the owner (which the dog sees as a game).

    Any dog can become dangerous if it is abused or frightened.  Does that mean the City Council is planning on banning ALL dogs?  Puppies often nip until they learn not to–does that mean we put down any puppy that nips?  Come on, Council, use your heads and stop trying to ban this, that, or the next thing.  After all, YOU council members approved chicken ownership, and chickens can be dangerous, too.  Not to mention smelly and unhygienic.

    1. Why does your dog have the opportunity to chase?

      Unless confined in your yard, shouldn't your dog be on a leash so he can't chase?  I thought that was the law.

      I am unclear why it is the responsibility of parents to teach their small children that they should never run from a dog even if they feel threatened, but you are not required to keep your dog from a situation in which it may end up attacking someone.  If this is really hard to do then perhaps, you should not have the dog in such an urban area with all of these people wandering around to tempt it.

      And even with the chicken ordinance being passed, it seems unlikely that chickens will be wandering the streets unleashed, chasing after people aggressively, cackling at them in a threatening way and pecking them ferociously to the point of needing stitches and maybe plastic surgery or worse.  So I am not sure it is the same type of danger as with dogs.

      1. Response to “Why does your dog have the ability to chase?”

        To "anonymous" regarding your question on why a dog would have the ability to chase, Evanston does host a dog park and a dog beach, both of which have had children in attendance on my visits with our pups.  Also, I have had people open my gate and walk into my backyard while I have been home.  Not sure of their motivation for walking into my yard, but they sure exited quickly when my dog came running through his dog door.  In an effort to keep the mind open, just thought I'd point out that being off leash isn't the only opportunity a dog might have to chase a child or an adult.

      2. Are you kidding me? Did you

        Are you kidding me?

        Did you really think the first author was serious about the chicken complaint?

        I suspect that existent laws on the books sufficiently hold conscientious owners criminally and civilly responsible for their dogs. The problem, then, lies with owners who care very little about others or the behavior of their dogs, or do not know how to properly train their dogs. Focus should be on enforcement of existing laws, when and if, there is a problem. Too bad we cannot ban away everything we do not like.

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