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  1. Roadkill

    How much does Evanston plan to charge Wilmette?  How often will this occur (per week, per month?)  How much road kill IS there in Wilmette?  Are those driving like maniacs?  I'd actually let the police know they should be more vigilant about catching up with those wild Wilmette drivers!  And, most importantly, WHO gets to keep the roadkill?

    I think Evanston's growing woes are not due to stuff like roadkill cleanup.  I'm watching from afar and it just looks likes there's a lack of real focus.  It begins to look more like Chicago politics mixed with California Dreamin'.  The bottom line is that you cannot have an endless stream of revenue and be a do-gooder for every person who refuses to work, etc.   Someone has to pay.  But the ones ELECTED have to be responsible for how the money is spent.

    This endless political correctness grows wearisome after a while.  Maybe your jail residents could do the clean-up of roadkill, etc.  Or would that be a UNION problem?  See what I mean?  Let's get back to common sense…

  2. Wally’s “insourcing” road kill: Is it cost effective?

    Last night the road kill deal with Wilmette was sent back to committee due to concerns of several council members.   Interesting enough Evanston has been providing this service to Wilmette already.  The question I am not certain has been answered are we Evanston Taxpayers subsidizing Wilmette? Wilmette eliminated their employee – and has paid Evanston about $10,000 over the last year – safe guess Wilmette has saved $100,000 – of course the employee also took care of other animal issues.

    In talking to staff, and asking a few questions it appears all the costs are not being taken into consideration.

    I was told we should  not be looking for pennies and this was to get a good relationship with "Wilmette. I have to question this., why subsidize Wimilette? Staff is also interested in getting Wilmettes vehicle which has value was any economic analysis presented?

    While the costs are small here the issue goes on for five years so if the costs are added up over time it may not be small. The other major issue is Wally is claiming he can in source city services – that is use city workers to do jobs for other suburbs which we will get  paid If this is cost effective Wally needs to explain and make certain we are not subsidizing other communities! 

    Maybe the city of Evanston should consider taking over the animal warden function with Wilmette, and getting a real cost for the operation versus and deal cut which may have a negative cost to Evanston taxpayers?

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