To save money, the City of Evanston is moving the cable access nonprofit Evanston Community Television from rented quarters on Hartrey Avenue to the Municipal Service Center on Asbury. But Ponzi argues the second floor-space there doesn’t meet federal handicap accessibility rules.

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  1. Troubling process with City staff on ECTV move – it will close!

    The moving of ECTV to the service building is very typical of city staff, not developing complete projects, The person on  staff  who is responsible for this should be fired.  The issue is clear there is no means for handicap residents to use the station on the second floor. Freight elevator not for passagers, cannot be used by the public.   Driving up the parking ramp to a handicap spot? What about those who do not drive or take another form of tranportation? Does not work.  Its plain discrimination, The city should understand the ADA is really a civil rights act, you can not discriminate against the disable by creating a special system of access.  ( lawsuit)   The city can solve the problem for $500,000 to put in  a new elevator, so where is the cost savings Wally claimed, It will take six plus years to break even.   I also suspect there may be other problems they are not dealing with.

    If the buidling department issues a permit for this, I would suspect the person who issue it will get in trouble with out side authorities.

     This is a typical city mess, remember the Mayor thought she could get a $500,000 for three year to operate a clinic in the basement of the civic center, had she visited the space and had any knowlege, she would have realized it had ADA, HVAC issues and need to be completely rebuilt for about $2 million dollars, the city never got the grant so it became a non issue.

    The the silly  recent ecoomic development deals, appear to have similar issues, they are not completely worked out and Wally will work them out, the question is with whose money?  They underestimated  the Lit Theater costs, they have not complete all the details for the wine and cheese bar the documents state this, so we will have another ECTV mess on our hands, that will even waste more of our moeny 

    As far as ECTV, it likely they will be forced to close, maybe that was the plan all along?


  2. Update on City Screw up- with ECMC – more taxpayer $ wasted!

    Last night at city council the city approved $38,850 for ECMC rent from January to May -from Wally slush fund. ( which they must pay back )   ECMC was to move in January, no council member asked any questions they just approved this.  

    Have the solved the ADA issue? – not a change – so its likely we will be looking at this again when Wally approves more money from his slush fund for rent.

    Wally and friends are basically taking all of ECTV funds – so it will close, they have asked them to move into a building which is not in compliance with the building code, basically breaking the law.

    One wonders how they can be this incompetent or is this a great master plan?

  3. Wally’s next step to break the law?

    Last night at Council Wally stated ECTV would be moving shortly and off the air for a week, during the move.

    Will Wally break the law and voliate the civil rights of disable citizens in Evanston?

    Last night at council I asked him the question during public comment has he solved this problem with handicap access to the second floor?  No answer.

    Wally is smart enough to understand that he will be in voliation of federal and state laws not city ordinances which he  and his council member friends can bend to his desires.


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