Carts bring end to recycling center

Evanston’s recycling center on Oakton Street is scheduled to close Aug. 1 as the city completes its switch to curbside recycling.

The closing is expected to save taxpayers nearly $100,000 a year, says Public Works Director Suzette Robinson.

Robinson says two surveys showed that over half the people using the recycling center weren’t from Evanston.

As part of a plan adopted by the City Council last winter, the city expanded curbside recycling to all multi-family dwellings and businesses and provided new, larger recycling carts to single-family homes which previously used smaller open bins.

Overall, Robinson says, the city will be able to stop subsidizing non-residents while providing more convenient curbside recycling for those who do live here.

Residents with questions regarding recycling or refuse collection can contact the City of Evanston Streets and Sanitation Division at 847/866-2940.


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