Church may soon have city approval for new sign


It's taken around a year, but the St. Mary Church in Evanston may soon have city approval for a new sign at the corner of the church property.

The city's Design and Project Review Committee approved the sign this week. The Preservation Commission signed off on it last March. And all the church needs now is approval from the city's Sign Review and Appeals Board.

The existing church sign, in an image from Google Maps.

The new sign would replace a smaller sign that was installed in 1989.

The new sign requires approval of a variation from the city's sign code — which requires that free-standing signs be set back as far from any property line as they are tall.

Because the church building at the 150 year old parish is positioned only a few feet from the lot line, a variation is required to locate the 7-foot-6-inch tall sign just four feet from the west lot line.

Chuch officials had originally proposed a slightly taller version of the sign with a wider base.

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