City asks emergency water conservation

Evanston officials are asking residents and businesses to conserve water as much as possible today.

Water Department Director David Stoneback says ice on the city’s water intake in Lake Michigan is blocking the flow of water to the treatment plant.

Stoneback says the city does have stored water available, but because it’s unknown how long it will take for weather conditions to change and break up the ice at the intake it’s important for users to reduce their water usage.

He asked that residents with questions about the situation call the city’s emergency operations center at 847-866-2999.

Northwestern University officials earlier this morning issued an alert asking users on campus to reduce their water consumption.

Interim City Manager Rolanda Russell suggests postponing laundry and dishwashing while the water supply shortage continues.

The water conservation request also applies to other communities, including Skokie, that get their water from Evanston. The Evanston water plant serves a total of about 350,000 people.


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