City eyes tougher rules on dangerous dogs


Dangerous dogs would become harder and more expensive to keep in Evanston under an ordinance up for discussion at the Human Services Committee meeting Wednesday.

The ordinance, recommended by Alderman Coleen Burrus, 9th Ward, would amend existing restrictions in several ways.

It would raise the annual fee for keeping a dangerous dog to $250 from $100.

And it would permit the animal control warden to confiscate any dangerous dog found unconfined and have it destroyed, subject to results of an evaluation of the dog by an animal behavioral expert that the owner would have to pay for in advance.

For a dangerous dog to be released, the owner would have to provide the city with a copy of a $100,000 insurance policy covering injuries and other damage the dog might cause.

The ordinance clarifies that it's up to the police department to initially investigate and declare a dog to be dangerous.

And it would bar owners from giving away a danagerous dog to anyone in the city. The existing ordinance already bars breeding or selling dangerous dogs in Evanston.

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