City invites residents on bus ride to Springfield


The City of Evanston is inviting residents to participate in the 5th annual Evanston Day in Springfield on Wednesday, Feb. 26.

The event allows local residents and organizations to reach out to state elected officials along with city leaders to discuss a variety of issues important to Evanston.

Last year, 60 people traveled to Springfield for the event. The group was headed by Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, members of the City Council, and Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro.

Other participants included business, civic, education and religious leaders.

Residents can sign up online or by calling 311. The cost is $60 per person, and includes lunch, dinner and transportation. Participants will depart for Springfield by bus from Ryan Field, 1501 Central St., at 7 a.m., and return at approximately 9 p.m. that evening.

For more information, please contact the city's intergovernmental affairs coordinator, Ylda Capriccioso, at ycapriccioso@cityofevanston.org or 847-488-8032.

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