City may hit waste haulers with fee

The Evanston City Council tonight is scheduled to consider a new $2 a ton fee on garbage haulers who dump material at the solid waste transfer station on Church Street.

The Veolia transfer station on Church Street.

The transfer station, owned and operated by Veolia Environmental Services, has been a frequent target of complaints from nearby residents about odor problems and other adverse impacts on the neighborhood.

But the city is also concerned about wear-and-tear that trucks hauling the 160,000 tons of waste that pass through the facility each year cause to the city’s streets, and hopes the fee will help cover some of those roadway maintenance costs.

The transfer station handles loads from surrounding communities as well as from within Evanston.

Although the transfer station has been located along the former Mayfair railroad right-of-way in Evanston for many years, the city has not previously charged a fee to its users.

A staff memo says other towns in the metro area that have transfer stations impose fees ranging from 30-cents to $2.75 per ton.

The city manager has built anticipated revenue from the fee into his budget plans for 2011.

Update 11 a.m. 10/27: The City Council voted to introduce the fee ordinance Monday night. A representative from Veolia objected to the plan during the citizen comment period at the council meeting. Final action on the ordinance is scheduled for Nov. 8.

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