City offers free holiday lights with pledge

The city is sponsoring a LED holiday light exchange at the Civic Center for Evanston residents.

Sign an Energy Star pledge online to reduce energy use, and, while supplies last, get a free LED holiday light strand in exchange for a strand of old incandescent holiday lights, which will be recycled.

After taking the pledge, forward the confirmation e-mail to epalmer@cityofevanston.org with your name, then stop by Room 4600 at the Civic Center, 2100 Ridge Ave., during business hours and ask for Eric Palmer, community information coordinator, to exchange the lights.

Advocates of the LED lights say they offer better color rendition. And, because they are cool to the touch, they reduce the risk of fire. The bulbs are not made of glass and don’t have filaments that will burn out, so that requires fewer light string replacements.

They use only 10 percent of the electricity required to power conventional bulbs, and, because they last longer, they reduce manufacturing waste and disposal costs.

LED holiday lights can last 25,000 to 50,000 hours, many times the average 2,000 hour life of standard incandescents.

The lights were provided to the city by Commonwealth Edison as part of the Smart Ideas energy program.

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