City reaches road kill pact with neighbor

It won't be the sort of major, money-saving intergovernmental agreement that city officials may have been dreaming of, but Evanston aldermen will be asked to approve a deal with the Village of Wilmette Tuesday night.

Under the agreement, Evanston will agree to pick up road kill and other dead small- and medium-sized animals in the village, and Wilmette will pay $35 to Evanston for each pick up.

As part of the pact, Evanston will also get a 2007 Ford F-250 pickup truck Wilmette now uses for its animal control work, to replace a 2001 van the city currently uses.

Evanston will pay $9,700 for the van — $10,000 less than its agreed-upon value — and in return Wilmette won't have to pay the per-incident animal pickup fee to Evanston for the first five years of the pact. 

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