It won’t be the sort of major, money-saving intergovernmental agreement that city officials may have been dreaming of, but Evanston aldermen will be asked to approve a deal with the Village of Wilmette Tuesday night.

Under the agreement, Evanston will agree to pick up road kill and other dead small- and medium-sized animals in the village, and Wilmette will pay $35 to Evanston for each pick up.

As part of the pact, Evanston will also get a 2007 Ford F-250 pickup truck Wilmette now uses for its animal control work, to replace a 2001 van the city currently uses.

Evanston will pay $9,700 for the van — $10,000 less than its agreed-upon value — and in return Wilmette won’t have to pay the per-incident animal pickup fee to Evanston for the first five years of the pact. 

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Goof deal you got to be kidding?

    sounds like the yard waste sticker screw up to me, how much per staff time to run up to the Wilmette to pick up the animals? I would suspect knowing the efficiency here it will take 2-3 hours per call – that translates to about $150 per pick up.  How many animals will they pick up?  

    Let say about 2-3 per month? $450 X12 = $5,400.  in one year – good deal – please?

    What do we get for five years – a old pick up truck – which is falling apart.  

    Who came up with this? The same people who over estimated the yard waste stickers?

    Wilmette is smart its getting rid of an old asset and eliminating staff time what are we getting?  ( an old truck)


  2. Not a good deal

    Ponzis right. Who came up with this deal, Wilmette? How about they pick up their own road kill or hire part-time workers to do it. Evanston should lease a vehicle or buy it's vehicles in packages at area auctions if it's so hard up. Use ETHS kids in the summer to pick up road kill and city landscapers in the winter. Not to be picking on any particular group (because I've been there) but low income, subsidized housing residents should also be considered for these jobs. Why? Because I believe that if the community is supporting you you can give back to the community.

  3. Let’s have a fire service agreement with neighboring cities

    This is a good start.

    Now Evanston should make an agreement with WIlmette and Skokie for shared fire services. Then Evanston can close down one of the two Central Street fire stations and lay off firefighters (Evanston firefighters have made no sacrifices in the past four years during this Recession).

    And while the city is at it maybe it could repeal the lame-brain deal it made last year with the Evanston Fire Union that allows a third party to decide if city officials can layoff firefighters.

    Who is going to make the hard decisions in our city.

  4. Great deal!!

    $9700 for a 4 year old Ford Pickup that's only seen urban driving (beat brakes, suspension, transmission, body) is a great deal – – – BUT ONLY if you're using someone else's money to pay for it.  Would any of the 'spend-it-all' fools actually spend their OWN money of that?  Tell you what- let's make THAT the deciding factor before they keep spending money on more junk we don't need: Would you be willing to pay ALL of it out of your own pocket?

    So, for $9700, Wilmette gets FREE roadkill removal for 5 years and Evanston gets a beater truck that MIGHT last another 3 years and the great HONOR of paying for it.

    Have any of the people voting for this ever heard the expression "Too good to be true?"  No, I thought not.

    How about… "At least they could have bought me dinner first?"


  5. Another April Fools

    This must be another joke like the proposed snow removal policy.   Maybe Wilmette will also sell us Mylar balloons to tie to the road kill so it is easier to be spotted for pickup.

  6. Road Kill

     Why are we paying someone to dispose of road kill?  You wanna save money!  Grab a shovel, scoop it up, and throw it away.  Better yet…if it is a fresh kill, you can throw it on the grill for dinner.  

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