City to rehab large sewer pipe on Mulford


The City of Evanston has begun a project to rehabilitate a large diameter sewer along the Mulford Street right-of-way starting at the southwest corner of James Park and extending west to the North Shore Channel. The project will be completed by the end of May 2018.

The sewer is made of brick and is over 100 years old. The City will use cured-in-place-pipe lining techniques over the 800 linear feet of the 60-inch-diameter sewer to rehabilitate the structure and provide dependable sewer collection for Evanston residents.

Full funding for this project is being provided by a low-interest loan from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s Water Pollution Control Loan Program (WPCLP). The WPCLP is funded by both state and federal sources. The $365,330 loan has an interest rate of 1.76 percent and will be repaid over 20 years.

Charles Bartling

A resident of Evanston since 1975, Chuck Bartling holds a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and has extensive experience as a reporter and editor for daily newspapers, radio stations and business-oriented magazines.

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