City wants your help in choosing bike path hue


The City of Evanston needs your decorating help. It is seeking community input on the color of the stripe that separates the bike lane from the traffic on the new Church Street Protected Bike Path.

The path will run along Church Street from Dodge Avenue to the lakefront.

Part of what makes this bike path protected is the use of color to create the division between the street and path, but city officials are pondering what color to choose.

They've narrowed it down to five options and are asking residents to help them choose one.

The voting is open on the city's website only until Monday, so you'd better act fast..

So what will it be? Tan, jade, diamantina, turquoise, or green?

Diamantina is the color in the image above.

Charles Bartling

A resident of Evanston since 1975, Chuck Bartling holds a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and has extensive experience as a reporter and editor for daily newspapers, radio stations and business-oriented magazines.

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