City workforce 49% bigger than average

Even after layoffs proposed in the city manager's new budget, Evanston will still have nearly half again as many city workers per capita as the average for suburban Cook County.

A study prepared by the Civic Federation of Chicago shows that, on average, for each 1,000 residents, suburban Cook County municipalities have 6.88 workers and park districts have 0.93 workers, for a combined total of 7.81 workers.

The City of Evanston, which provides park services often run by separate districts in other communities, would have 11.67 workers per capita after the layoffs – 49.4 percent more than the average.

In all, the city would have 878 workers for its 75,236 residents.

The Civic Federation study does not break out workers by department, but a comparison with nearby communities suggests that Evanston has subtantiallly more police officers per capita than most suburbs.

The extra police account for perhaps 50 extra city employees. But overall the city has nearly 300 more workers than would be expected based on its population.

The city's library, another service often provided by a special district in other municipalities, will have 66.69 employees under the new budget. The Civic Federation study does not provide sufficient detail about library districts to calculate their average staffing levels.

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