Climate plan work starts next month

The Network for Evanston’s Future now has an exciting opportunity to partner with the City of Evanston to develop the Evanston Climate Action Plan. In many ways, this is the fruition of the Network’s previous work in sustainable development.

The planning process will begin on Nov. 13 and come to fruition with a presentation of the Climate Action Plan to the community at the Network’s Earth Month Event, tentative scheduled for May 4 at the new green Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation.

This Climate Action Plan process offers the opportunity for intensive involvement by citizens who can do so, and review and critique by a broader group of citizens prior to its submission to the Evanston City Council next summer.  Student interns will play a lead role in the research, evaluating and modeling activities.

We will launch this planning process at a meeting at the Evanston Civic Center on November 13th, from 7 to 9 PM, with the following tentative agenda:

  1. Welcome by Steve Perkins, Convener, Network for Evanston’s Future
  2. Presentation of the Chicago Climate Action Plan by Linda Young, Research Manager, Center for Neighborhood Technology, which did the research for the City of Chicago on climate mitigation strategies.
  3. Presentation of Current Evanston Greenhouse Gas Emissions and GHG Reduction Targets by Carolyn Collopy, Sustainability Coordinator, City of Evanston
  4. Description of the Six Target Sectors where GHG reduction strategies are needed:
    • Policy, Research and Education
    • Energy Efficiency in Buildings
    • Transportation, Telecommunications and Access
    • Renewable Energy Resources
    • Waste Reduction and Recycling
    • Forestry and Carbon Offsets
  5. Six Sector Task Force Breakout Sessions to organize the planning process for each.

Each of the six Sector Task Forces will organize its own work, which will include:

  • Research on Best Practice in the Sector by other cities;
  • Evaluation of relevance of Best Practice for Evanston;
  • Modeling of the potential GHG reductions of each strategy.
  • Agreement on  Strategies to achieve the sector’s GHG target reduction;
  • Analysis of operational and financial requirements for success;
  • Presentation of the Draft Sector Action Plan to a breakout session at the Earth Month Event;
  • Revision of the Draft Sector Action Plan for the Evanston City Council, incorporating community feedback.

Think about which of the six target sectors you want to work on!

In addition, there will be a Communications Task Force charged with raising awareness in the community about the importance of the Evanston Climate Action Plan, keeping the community informed about the planning process, and ensuring a large turnout at Earth Month.

This city/citizen collaboration will be challenging, but it offers an unprecedented opportunity for the Evanston community to address the greatest crisis of our time.

Feel free to contact Steve Perkins, [email protected] or Elliot Zashin, E CAP Co-Chair, [email protected]