Budget crisis averted, Sheridan work to proceed

The Sheridan Road project

Now that the State of Illinois has an approved budget, work can resume on the major road project alongside the Northwestern University campus along Sheridan Road, the City of Evanston has announced.

Starting Wednesday, traffic will be shifted to the east side of the road from the intersection with Chicago Avenue to Lincoln Street, with one lane of traffic in each direction.

Through traffic will be closed on the east/west side streets between Orrington Avenue and Sheridan Road at Emerson Street, Library Place, Garrett Place, Haven Street, Dartmouth Place, and Colfax Street.

Local traffic only will be allowed on these blocks during construction until the new traffic lanes are opened on Sheridan Road.

Once construction of the two lanes on the west side of Sheridan Road is complete, traffic will be switched onto the new lanes to accommodate road construction of the east side of Sheridan Road.

This project includes roadway resurfacing/reconstruction, a new protected bike lane, replacement of curb and gutter, traffic signal modernization, installation of new water main, storm sewer and drainage structures, pavement markings, and landscaping.

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I will admit that the

I will admit that the completed part on Chicago Ave looks nice. However they don't do much for those of us that don't live in the area. Rather than 2 miles of protected bike lanes, I would have rather the city spent the resources on 10 miles of conventional bike lanes spread throughout the city. As it is, the city has no plans beyond this project for bikes, which is a real shame.