Summer camp signup snafu

An image from the city's summer camp brochure.

This is the first day to sign up for City of Evanston summer camps -- and if you try to do it online -- you may feel like you're up the creek without a paddle.

City officials have had to shut down the online registration system because of technical difficulties. It's now scheduled to be back in service on Wednesday.

Registration in person at the Levy Center is proceeding without problems, says City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz, and the in-person signup operation, which was scheduled to end at noon has been extended until 2 p.m.



300 person queue is not a problem?

Wally's spin is ridiculous.

When the website failed at 8am, people poured into the Levy Center and had to wait in a 300 person line for an hour and a half until the Parks & Rec director finally found time to alert people what was going on.

It was unacceptable. People who couldn't make it to the Levy Center will be screwed.

another day

they could have waited and just did itt on another day

Either accept more of the same or make a change

Anyone notice how superior Wilmette and Skokie's Park and Rec departments are far superior to Evanston's?

You'd think with all the taxes we pay in Evanston and government grants, our Parks and Rec dept. would be head and shoulders above everyone else. But no, it seems the Evanston city government spends more time, energy andresources on affordable housing and numerous non-profit groups.

It's obvious the demand for camp programs is a lot higher than the supply. Yet, the answer, according to our progressive liberal leaders, is a one day sign up, first come first serve. Why not expand these programs? Oh no, that's too easy.

Folks, we need a clean sweep in our local, city, county, state and federal government. We need to vote out out all the incumbents. Get some fresh blood in there with fresh, forward thinking. Or, we will just have to tolerate more of the same. Our choice...

Careful what you wish for ...

Hi Al,

I have no data upon which to evaluate your claims about the superiority of other park programs.

But Wilmette and Skokie each have separate park districts with their own taxing powers.

You might want to check how deeply the taxpayers are subsidizing rec programs there, compared to Evanston, before you conclude they're superior.

-- Bill