Rollover on Ridge

(EPD photo)

Evanston police are on the scene of a rollover accident on Ridge Avenue at Grove Street that occurred about 2:30 this afternoon.

Initial reports indicate there were no serious injuries from the accident, which involved a taxicab and a pickup truck.

The City Council recently lowered the speed limit on Ridge to 25 miles an hour in an effort to reduce accidents on the street -- which has had several of the city's most dangerous intersections in recent years.



But we were told the new

But we were told the new speed limit would end accidents once and for all. This can't be!

Ridge is better

As a twice a day commuter on Ridge, the improvements are making a difference, IMO. No one promised a reduction in accidents to zero.

Probably an illegal left

My guess is that someone was making an illegal left turn. They changed that intersection so that you can't make a left or cross over Ridge from 7AM-7PM due to a high number of accidents there. But people do it all the time anyway. Probably because google maps doesn't know about the change and still gives routes that require a left hand turn. I recently submitted a correction to google maps -- we'll see if it helps.

I have made it a personal

I have made it a personal promise to myself to NEVER, use Ridge to travel North or South, only to cross over it if necessary.