Gullivers restaurant listed for sale

The dining room at Gullivers, in an image from the restaurant website.

Gullivers, the 54-year-old pan pizza restaurant just across the Evanston border in Chicago's West Ridge neighborhood, has been listed for sale.

Owner Chris Karageorgis reportedly wants to retire and is asking $895,000 for the building and fixtures, but not the antiques in the decor or the restaurant name.

The patio at Gullivers.

The building at 2727 W. Howard St. has seating for about 350 patrons and has a parking lot across the street in Evanston.

The restaurant remains open while the search for a new owner gets underway.



Difference In 21st Century Values

Well, if Gullivers is sold and subsequently intended to be operated as a going restaurant concern, I believe you can kiss the longstanding decor and interior goodbye. As was mentioned, we have observed over the past couple of years that the current owners have been slowly selling off piece after piece of the antique furnishings. Visit the restaurant and look at all the empty spaces where something of iconic historic beauty once stood or hung. Some time ago, we visited right after the current owners had taken over, and I happened to ask if they had gotten the antiques appraised. The answer was yes, with the value at the time being around 3 to 4 million dollars. So, it is hard to believe that anyone would venture to put up such a large fixed investment for what the underlying business would seem to support. On the other hand, think of what an antiques auction might conceivably be in the offing.

New decor "Gullivers" restaurant

Iconic decor could not be duplicated.However, present antique market is so depressed that a fascinating array of "newer" antiques could be assembled very reasonably.