Fleming: City to blame for black community's collapse

Cicely Fleming.

Alderman Cicely Fleming, 9th Ward, will call on aldermen Monday to adopt a resolution that blames city policies for "the collapse of a once economically thriving black community."

She adds that city ordinances have "contributed to the decimation of historically black neighborhoods" and "a lack of trust of government by some black residents."

Without offering any examples, the resolution claims that city zoning ordinances "supported neighborhood redlining," that there was "municipal disinvestment in the black community" and "a history of bias in government services."

The resolution would have the City Council acknowledge "its own history of racially-motivate policies and practices," apologize "for the damage this history has caused the City" and declare "that it stands against White Supremacy" and proclaim Evanston to be "an anti-racist city."

The resolution calls on aldermen to participate in racial equity training and to join a group the resolution identifies as the "Government Alliance for Racial Equity."

Evanston Now was unable, in a Google search, to locate a website for a group under that name. But some links using that phrase point to the Government Alliance on Race and Equity.

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People should admit their own

People should admit their own economic ineptitude tax payers for 60 yrs have floated the black community in Evanston and gotten a very low return for the massive investment on human capital

The low score at our high schools demonstrate that it is not not the general public responsibility after society has paid and put forth best efferts 

Cicely Fleming you just lost my vote.

Your excuse is what is wrong with politicians. You look to blame others for your faults. Black community only has themselves to blame