Cops capture dog — with blueberry muffins

The Noyes family of the 1200 block of Maple Avenue in Evanston has their lost dog back today, thanks to some Chicago police officers.

Becca Noyes told neighbors on the Nichols Neighbors Yahoo Group that the dog, a black pointer/lab mix named Macie that the family had just brought home from a shelter Friday night, snuck out of their back yard through a hole in the fence Saturday morning and was last seen "sprinting north on Sherman about three blocks north of Dempster."

Well, it seems the dog made a U-turn after that, because, when some Chicago police officers spotted her later Saturday morning, she was about three miles to the southwest, near the parking lot of the Target store on Howard Street.

Noyes says she was told it took five officers about 45 minutes of effort to corral the dog before one managed to lure her into a squad car with some blueberry muffins.

Since the pup was microchipped and Noyes had reported her missing, she was soon headed back to the family’s home.

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