Council Chamber gets fresh paint job

Evanston’s City Council Chamber is getting a face lift this weekend thanks to volunteers from the Kiwanis Club of Evanston and other groups.

Taping windows
Volunteers Alena Morrissey and Laurie Peterson tape the window wall at the rear of the Council Chamber.

After a couple days of prep work by a smaller team, dozens of folks from the Kiwanis Club, Northwestern’s Campus Kitchens and Dance Marathon organizations and students from Evanston Township High School pitched in this morning with paint brushes, rollers and other tools to give the City Council’s meeting place a fresh look.

Peeling paint came off and a fresh coat is going on — same beige color though, so folks who only watch council meetings on TV may not notice the difference.

In addition to free Kiwanis t-shirts, the volunteers got refreshments thanks to donations from real estate management companies Farnsworth-Hill and Schermerhorn & Co. and Evanston resident Brenda Perry.

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