Council lacks quorum for committee meeting tonight


Evanston aldermen won’t hold a scheduled meeting of the city’s Administration and Public Works Committee this evening because a quorum of committee members won’t be present.

City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz says two of the five aldermen on the committee — Robin Rue Simmons, 5th Ward, and Cicely Fleming, 9th Ward — are attending the National Leauge of Cities meeting in Washington, D.C. In addition, Alderman Peter Braithwaite, 2nd Ward, will be late for the council’s regular schedule of Monday night meetings.

Bobkiewicz says the last time the committee was unable to meet because of quorum issues was on July 11, 2016, and he doesn’t recall the problem having occurred previously to that during his time as city manager.

He says items on the committee agenda will be presented to the full City Council for consideration without committee recommendation.

So, instead of starting with the Administration and Public Works Committee meeting at 6 p.m., Council activity tonight will start with the Planning and Development Committee meeting at 7:15 p.m, to be followed by the full City Council meeting.

Bobkiewicz says he suspects that action on the only item on tonight’s agenda that requires a supermajority vote, the proposed lease of the Harley Clarke mansion, likely will be postponed until the April 9 meeting.

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