Couple busted for drugs, child endangerment

Evanston police say two people have been arrested after officers found drugs inside an insect-infested apartment on Hinman Avenue.

540 Hinman Ave. (Cook County assessor’s office photo.)

Police Commander Tom Guenther says officers from the city’s Neighborhood Enforcement Team executed a search warrant at 540 Hinman Ave. #1 Tuesday morning and found a quantity of the drug ecstacy in the apartment.

They also found three children living in the apartment which officers said was in complete disarray, with garbage and half-eaten food lying about, spoiled food in the refrigerator and an "infestation of multiple varieties of insects."

The two adults who lived in the apartment, Sean Brendan Larden, 29, and Melissa Logan Larden, 28, were arrested. Both face child neglect and endangerment charges and Sean Larden also faces a drug possession charge. They’re scheduled to appear in Skokie district court Sept. 13.

The three children were taken to a local hospital for evaluation, and city officials declared the apartment to be unfit for human occupancy.

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