Someone unhappy about immigration sprayed graffiti on Metra bridge abutments in north Evanston Thursday, and a car was stolen from the parking lot at the Civic Center. Those stories among the items in today’s daily crime bulletin.

Top: A graffiti-marred bridge abutment at Lincoln Street near Green Bay Road.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Third round of graffiti

    This is at least the third round of this anti-immigration graffiti that I have noticed at Central and Green Bay, and at Livingston and Green Bay.

  2. That looks neo-nazi to me. 

    That looks neo-nazi to me.  I'm sure that the EPD has someone on the case but those white supremisists can be very dangerous folk who need close watching.

  3. Neo-nazi is a bit far

    Neo-nazi is a bit far – it doesn't have the tell-tale signs of something with that kind of ideology.  Hell, it's practically a platform plank of the Republican party these days.

    1. Those of us who remember very

      Those of us who remember very well the murder of Ricky Birdsong, on the streets of Skokie, out walking with his children, by a college students who had been indoctrinated by White Supremacists, do not take incidents like this lightly.

  4. What is white?

    Funny how in previous graffiti they call whites Euro-American, last time I checked Europeans are immigrants as well. Interesting how these are only showing up in north Evanston. Sad that they are so close to a public middle school.  Same handwriting in all recent messages, a camera, like the one in many other Evanston corners would catch the uninformed individual quick. Please stop this racism. 

    1. Why the Graffiti ?

      Probably one reason is that with 'political correctness' ruling—and certainly true in Evanston—you can't even speak or discuss openly the issue that seem to bother them and thus they have to find out avenues.  If views could be discussed maybe both sides would learn something—at least why/where the views and frustrations come from.

      As to the 'Euro-American', if some one is first generation or possibly second generation whatever you might call them ____-American.  After that they are American or _____ just staying here for a while [education, temporary job, etc.] and waiting to return home.  A person may be of _____ decent but they are whole American or not.  It is the divisiveness that lead to many of these problems of 'us versus them.'

  5. Coward

    I think that the person doing this is just coward who is too afraid to speak his/her mind in person so they sneak around and put up ignorant statements at night.

    If you wanted to be heard there are many more constructive avenues you could use.

    Just my 2cents


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