Crowbar sends man to jail

A Chicago man was sentenced this week to two years in prison after he was found in possession of burglary tools in an Evanston apartment building.

Police say they were called to a building in the 700 block of Hinman Avenue on Feb. 20 to check reports of a suspicious person in the building.

Officers say they found 45-year-old Calvin Binion of 1143 N. Rockwell in a building stairwell. Binion said he was there to see a "Mr. Johnson" about some work.

The police checked and found there was nobody by that name in the building, and they noticed fresh pry marks on some of the apartment entry doors.

When they patted down Binion, they say they found a 12-inch crowbar concealed in his pants. They also noticed that the end of the crowbar matched the shape of the marks on the apartment doors.

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