CTA to raise discount fare pass prices


The Chicago Transit Authority has issued a proposed budget for next year that will reduce the discounts offered people who buy pass cards to ride its buses and trains.

The increases range from more than 70 percent for a one-day pass, which will cost $10 instead of $5.75, to 16 percent for a 30-day pass, which will cost $100 instead of $86.

Base rates for bus and and train rides will stay the same at $2 and $2.25 respectively. So there will be no increase for riders who use the Chicago Card to pre-pay for single rides.

In a news release, the agency says the new budget will let it maintain current service levels, and that it reflects savings negotiated as part of work rules changes included in a new tentative contract with CTA employees.

The budget requires approval of the CTA board, which is expected after two public hearings scheduled for next month.

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