Cute dog helps us launch new section


A cute dog found in North Evanston helped us launch a new free classified ads section on Evanston Now today.

The dog, who’s hoping to be reunited with her owner, was brought to our attention by Gerry Gibbs who found her and says she’s got a sweet disposition and high energy.

That prompted us to push up the planned launch of our new classified section, so she could be an example of how it can help Evanstonians link up — whether it’s to return a lost pet or find a new job.

The free advertising opportunity is available to all registered users of the site. Log in and then look under the "Got news?" link in the main menu to post an ad.

To see the latest ads, look for the Classifieds block in the right column on the home page. And to check all the ads, look under the Classifieds link in the main menu.

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