D65 teachers have tentative pact

Evanston/Skokie School District 65 and negotiators for the District Educators’ Council have reached tentative agreement on a new contract.

The district’s communications director, Pat Markham, said this morning that the agreement was reached after marathon talks that lasted well into the morning Thursday.

The agreement is subject to a ratification vote by the teachers a few days after an informational meeting to be held Monday. The teachers union president, Dorothy Millard, said an exact date for the ratification vote hasn’t been determined.

Both sides have declined to discuss terms of the deal until after the teachers hold their ratification vote.

The agreement is also subject to approval by the school board.

In September teachers voted by a wide margin to reject a tentative agreement worked out over the summer.

A key issue in the talks has been the school board’s demand for a 20-minute increase in the length of the school day.

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