Dangerous intersections detailed

The top ten intersections for traffic accidents in Evanston fall along just three streets.

Ridge Avenue has five — at intersections with Emerson, Davis, Lake, Dempster and Main streets.

Dodge Avenue has four — at intersections with Emerson, Dempster, Main and Oakton streets.

And the tenth is at the intersection of Green Bay Road and Central Street.

But with an average of 32.67 accidents per year at the most common accident site — Dodge and Dempster — and an average of more than 27,000 cars passing through the intersection each day — the odds of your car being involved in an accident on any given trip through that intersection are something like one in 150,000 — if you assume the average accident involves two cars.

The city’s traffic engineers are studying the data, compiled for the recently completed multi-modal transportation plan, trying to determine how many accidents might be eliminated by possible changes to how the intersections are configured.

No word yet on what, if any, changes they may suggest.

More in this story from the Evanston Review.

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