Day in the Life of Evanston

Hello Evanston,

My name is Joel Lerner, I grew up in Evanston and I'm a photojournalist for Pioneer Press. I'm participating in a project with 15 other photojournaists this Friday documenting Evanston for 24 hours on Friday Sept 28, starting at midnight.

If you know of an interesting person or organization doing something on Friday, let me know. 

If you know of anything that happens between midnight and 4:30am on Friday morning, let me know.

Bennison's Bakery getting their baking done for the coming day would be an example of that. 

What else is going on that late/early on a Friday?

Is there an Evasnton resident who has lived here for 100 years? 90? 80? Who's lived in town the longest?Please put me in touch with them.

Would any of you volunteer to let a Pioneer Photographer come to your house in the morning to document you and your family getting ready for work/school. How about the evening if you all still eat dinner together?

Please contact me.

Is there a breakfast place that is not well - known to the general public where people meet and share stories on a Friday? Lunch place? Conversely, are there place that absolute rock for breakfast of dinner and are cool looking. Right up my alley.

Is your child participating in a school project or experiment or is there a school play starting that day? Anything like that at all.

Please pass it along.

Do you know a gregarious senior citizen who is full of energy and passion for life and can't possibly be as old as they are, given the fact they just walked 5 miles for a sale on tomatoes and are now going to spinning class at EAC? I'd love to be introduced.

I'm sure to be missing something, so please pass along any and all ideas for Friday or any day, for that matter.  I want to be Evanston's conduit to the paper for feature stories on the people that make Evanston the incredibly energized placed it is. 

An example I'm working on is a woman whose business is making organic soaps in her kitchen for sale at craft fairs and health food stores. Each batch takes 3 weeks to complete.

All I ask is that there be a visually interesting element to your suggestions. 

My contact info is [email protected] and (847)414-5566

Thanks so much,

Joel Lerner

Wildkit for Life