Deadline missed for aldermanic pay panel

Another "oops" at city hall. Officials have discovered that the city has missed the deadline established in the city code for setting the pay for aldermen and other elected officials who’ll serve after next April’s election.

A committee of local residents was supposed to have been named by the mayor and to have made its recommendations to the City Council no later than last Saturday.

But no committtee has yet been appointed.

So aldermen tonight are scheduled to vote on an amendment to the code giving an extra 40 days for the committee to be appointed and make its report.

The aldermen now earn $10,000 a year plus medical benefits that roughly double their compensation for the part-time position. The mayor is paid $17,000 plus medical benefits. The city clerk receives $49,000 plus medical benefits for the only full-time elected position in the city.

Interested in serving on the panel? Call the mayor’s office at 847-866-2979 for more information.

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