Deer snack on shrubs on Hinman

Two deer paid a visit to a yard at 1719 Hinman Ave. in Evanston about 7:30 Saturday morning.

There’ve been reports in the past couple years of deer seen crossing McCormick Boulevard near the Ladd Arboretum, spotted on the Peter Jans golf course along the canal banks in north Evanston and wandering through yards in northwest Evanston.

But this may be the first time in recent years that deer have been seen so close to downtown and the lakefront.

Julie Tatge who lives next door at 1725 Hinman Ave., says she’s never seen deer in the neighborhood.

But Stephen Russell-Dempsey of 1719 Hinman Ave. said a deer visited his yard once before, about six years ago. And Mary Singh of 1711 Hinman Ave. said she’d seen a deer in her yard about ten years ago.

Mr. Russell-Dempsey said seeing the deer Saturday “was a nice experience.”

“I watched the deer in the yard for 20 or 30 minutes,” he said, “They browsed for a while and then laid down in the yard and finally wandered back through the yard of the Singhs next door.”

He said the larger deer seemed to have some fur missing from its neck and a scab on its head, which made him somewhat concerned about its condition.

“The larger deer seemed to stand watch while the smaller one settled down, then they both laid down for a while before moving off between the houses,” he added.

Ms. Singh said that when the deer laid down “one faced east and the other faced west. I started to think they might stay in the yard all day.”

“They’re terribly attractive animals,” Ms. Singh said, “but when they started eating our flowers, my husband went out. He didn’t have to chase them, because they wandered off after they saw him,” she said.

“It was amazing to see them lying down, with their bodies sort of spread out. They looked much bigger than I would have thought,” Ms. Singh added.

Representatives of Evanston’s Animal Control office didn’t immediately return calls this morning seeking comment.

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