The DeKalb County Board of Education Wednesday morning voted 6-1 to hire Devon Horton as the Georgia district’s new superintendent.

Horton, who has headed the Evanston/Skokie District 65 system for the past three years, still needs to negotiate a contract with the Georgia district.

He told reporters after the meeting that he hopes to have the new contract signed by July 1, and that — if the board is willing — he’d like to start work before that.

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Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. What a wild, chaotic and adult (not student!)-focused three years it has been.

    The pointless roller coaster stops on June 30th. But, for how long?

    Good luck, DeKalb, you will need it!

  2. I was unable to find any video from the DeKalb town meetings. If there are any, can someone post the links? Thanks.

      1. A bit repetitive at times, but she speaks Truth. It is so sad these self-serving incompetents determine the children’s fate.

        1. Yes, she does get repetitive at times but she sure is passionate about children’s education—-but I’m confident she doesn’t roll with the woke narrative that America is fundamentally evil, and understands a curriculum based in critical race theory is a doomed system towards better education—-I’m certain the D65 school board will find and hire a Devon Horton clone—-how tragically sad for the children

          1. I’ve further researched Dekalb County Board member Dr Morley—-I enjoyed the video here but please accept retraction of anything complimentary I’ve said of her, and advise all do the same regarding on her behavior as a Dekalb County board member

      2. “Children not being put first…” – sounds familiar.

        “We always think that the grass is greener on the other side and what we found out is that when we look at that green grass, it’s artificial turf, it’s not even real.”

        I think Dekalb’s Dr. Morley had the right idea with keeping an interim Supt., at least if things are going ok with no scandals. In business, giving an interim a chance to be permanent if things are going well is called ‘contract to hire’, and is a quite common way to mitigate risk of new hires. How about D65 promote the most universally respected D65 Principal to Supt. on an interim basis and then give them a chance over a couple of years (if things are going well) to earn the job with a longer contract? It’s good to really know who you are getting as a Supt. beyond the resume window dressing such as contrived awards and distorted student achievement statistics, etc. Otherwise we could be sold a bag of goods and probably will be.

        1. I think you are exactly right and we have been talking about this as well. Having had kids in a couple different schools in D65 under different principals I can’t tell you how impressed we are with Dr. Plaza at Orrington. She’s an order of magnitude above what we have experienced at other schools. The staff, students and parents all seem to love her. We are so impressed with her! The communication, transparency and energy coming from her is phenomenal. She would make an amazing superintendent.

  3. Who will the interim be? Should we be worried that interim will continue the pattern of non-student focus?

    1. There’s no shortage of thumb-twiddling administrators in District 65. There’s probably not enough room for them all in the district administrative building.

  4. How is the D65 Board going to reconcile Horton’s comments to reporters that he would like to start working in DeKalb before his June 30 resignation from Evanston?

  5. And when will we, the voters. learn our lesson and stop electing school board members that appoint, promote and approve of people like Horton? Isn’t ythe fault ours?

  6. I think it would be prudent to conduct a national search outside of the D65 walls to entertain & hopefully hire an independent minded, balanced Superintendent who has a record of proven performance… not righteous activism.

    The well at D65 is toxic with politically driven initiatives and fads that puts ideology ahead of children.

    Now is the time to course correct and leave your political activism at the doorstep when it comes to educating our children. It is that simple.

  7. I worked under Dr. Plaza when I was a long-term sub and she is an extremely high-quality administrator. Orrington is a better school because of her. I would love to see her at the head of the district, what a breath of fresh air that would be!

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