Dems plug member candidates

The Democratic Party of Evanston this week sent an e-mail reminder to its supporters noting the candidates in April’s municipal election that are DPOE members.

The group says it "has not made any endorsements in these non-partisan elections," but "thought you might be interested" to know the names of candidates who are members.

On the list:

  • Elizabeth Tisdahl, seeking election as mayor.
  • Cheryl Wollin, seeking re-election as 1st Ward alderman.
  • Lionel Jean-Baptiste, unopposed for re-election as 2nd Ward alderman.
  • Delores Holmes, seeking re-election as 5th Ward alderman.
  • Mark Tendam, seeking election as 6th Ward alderman.
  • John Zbesko, seeking election as 7th Ward alderman.
  • Ann Rainey, unopposed for re-election as 8th Ward alderman.
  • Coleen Burrus, seeking election as 9th Ward alderman.
  • Patricia Vance, unopposed for re-election as township supervisor.
  • Bonnie Wilson, seeking election as township assessor.

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