The Democratic Party of Evanston this week sent an e-mail reminder to its supporters noting the candidates in April’s municipal election that are DPOE members.

The group says it “has not made any endorsements in these non-partisan elections,” but “thought you might be interested” to know the names of candidates who are members.

On the list:

  • Elizabeth Tisdahl, seeking election as mayor.
  • Cheryl Wollin, seeking re-election as 1st Ward alderman.
  • Lionel Jean-Baptiste, unopposed for re-election as 2nd Ward alderman.
  • Delores Holmes, seeking re-election as 5th Ward alderman.
  • Mark Tendam, seeking election as 6th Ward alderman.
  • John Zbesko, seeking election as 7th Ward alderman.
  • Ann Rainey, unopposed for re-election as 8th Ward alderman.
  • Coleen Burrus, seeking election as 9th Ward alderman.
  • Patricia Vance, unopposed for re-election as township supervisor.
  • Bonnie Wilson, seeking election as township assessor.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Ya… Right
    No endorsement?

    What does the DPOE think they just did?

    They emailed their memberbase to “remind” folks about Democrat (DPOE Members) in the election?

    Would they have sent the same email if two candidates were running for the same position, who also are DPOE members? I guess it just turns out that this is not the case.

    You have to read right through this. Sounds like an Obama machine tactic.

  2. Non-Partisan Election Doesn’t Stop “Evanston Machine”
    Thanks Bill for passing on this e-mail from the DPOE. I’m still recovering from the shock of seeing Ald. Bernstein (D-Tisdahl) and Evanston’s own Larry Suffredin (D-Schakowsky) at the IVI-IPO endorsement interviews a couple of Sundays ago. When I mentioned this to a few people,they said it was like the IVI_IPO had become the farm league system for the DPOE. I hate to admit how ignorant I am publicly, but I was always under the impression, that the independents were actually independent. Shame on me. I’m sure that most of the taxpaying citizens are probably in the same boat, if they’re not political junkies. This is definitely an area to shine more light and transparency upon. Gosh, who would want the endorsement of Suffredin (D-Schakowsky), who gave Todd (Toddler) Stroger (D-Daley the 2nd) the decisive vote he needed to raise the Cook County sales tax 1%. Boy, that’s really helped the tax base in Evanston and Cook County. Sorry, Larry there isn’t enough lipstick to repair that mistake on your resume, though I give you credit for trying. Ald. Bernstein’s endorsement should be a negative also. The sorry state of the COE financially and structurally declined on his watch. The police and fire pension liabilty debacle is Ald. Bernstein (I&D-Tisdahl)and the current Council’s fault. Though none of them want to take accountability, it should be noted the liability was 99 million plus (old actuary-2007) and 145 million plus (new actuary-2007). The facts that never get mentioned by Ald. Tisdahl’s (D-Schakowsky)revisionist history while campaigning: 1) Whether it was 99 million or 145 million this Council has done nothing to resolve this matter 2) The lawsuit was settled in 2005 with the Police Board of Trustees (there was no gag order on Tisdahl) as she quotes Bill Stafford telling her, but curiously, this didn’t become really public until closer to this election with the Blue Ribbon Report On The Polce And Fire Pension Liabilities (October 2008)–where was Ald. Tisdahl in late 2005,2006 and 2007 on this urgent matter? 3) Julia Carroll sounded the alarm, not Ald. Tisdahl on this matter. 4) Since Ald. Tisdahl (D-Schakowsky) is proud of all of her endorsements and the “Evanston machine” with all of her name dropping ( she knows them on a first name basis ), why hasn’t she gotten the pension laws changed in Springfield that the Council is always complaining about? Sorry about that tangent, but every one should read the pension crisis report, if only to see that “Tax-Em Tisdahl’s” stump speech for Mayor on this issue is less than reality based. Well, once again who is responsible for our predicaments in Evanston? Democrats? Independents? Republicans? Well, the Democrats and the Independents are the same players, the Republicans were last seen in the 1960’s as a force, so what does that leave us with? How about a third party for Evanston ( also for the state of Illinois and the good old U. S. of A.)– perhaps the Reform Party. Imagine a party that was truly conservative financially and progressive socially. All that would be needed is a large enough percentage of votes to temper the hypocrisy of our 2 party system, by forcing the Democrats and Republicans to confront the real issues. Who knows maybe enough voters are willing to take a chance and deliver a majority to a 3rd party, given the failures of both parties the last 8 years. Well good luck to all the non-endorsed endorsed members of the DPOE, remember that a political machine breeds MEDIOCRITY. Haven’t we had enough of that? Caveat Emptor to all Evanston voters.

    Kevin O’Connor
    Candidate For 7th Ward Aldermanic Seat

  3. non-partisan
    So this means City of Evanston elections aren’t really non-partisan after all?—oh wow!!!—there’s a shocking revelation

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